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This is what socially responsible shopping feels like. 🙌

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

When you buy something from a grocery store, do you ever wonder where it came from and how it got there? How many people were involved in growing, harvesting, and preparing that item? How much of the money spent on that item went to these different people and did they receive a fair wage for their work?

In many parts of the world, farmers and local producers face a similar problem: their share is small... at times barely enough to get by. This is especially true for farmers and producers who take extra care in ensuring their products are high-quality, organic, and certified. High-quality inputs simply cost more... using good agricultural and labour practices also costs more. All of this means that the cost per item is more... though often their items end up being sold wholesale at a loss, valued at the same price as items grown to lower and less-costly standards.

As farmers, one of the main reasons we created ElMazr3a was to offer such farmers and producers a marketplace where they could get a fairer price for their products, selling directly to customers rather than to wholesale markets that undervalued their products. What we found has been more than we could imagine however. There is a whole world of farmers and local producers here in Egypt that are looking for an alternative market... and your purchases have made a huge impact on those who are part of ElMazr3a's network. Farms and small producers are expanding and creating job opportunities for people who need them. This is exactly what socially responsible shopping feels like. Because of you, more people have jobs and are able to provide for themselves and their families. Not only that, but this has set an example for other farmers and producers who are not implementing good agricultural practices. You have demonstrated that Egypt wants quality and that investing in quality is worthwhile and we expect to see more and more farms and producers following suit.

So from all of us at ElMazr3a, thank you for contributing to making the lives of farmers, small producers and the communities they live in better.👏👏👏

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