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Picked today, delivered tomorrow

Fresh produce is super important to us. So how do we guarantee freshness? Its actually very simple. We leave fruits and vegetables to ripen naturally and only pick them when you order them. So when you place your order online or by calling our hotline, we let our farms and farmers know what you have ordered and they hand-pick the items for you the day before delivery. By the next morning everything is loaded into our refrigerated trucks and sent to you. The difference in freshness (and taste) can be shocking, and we often have people ask us what we do to our fruits and vegetables for them to last so long in the fridge. The answer is nothing... we don't spray them with anything, they are not genetically modified or unnatural in any way. Natural and farm fresh produce, picked at the right time, lasts a really long time and has a more intense flavor than items picked early to account for days of transport and movement! That means more time for you to use and less food loss overally (yay!).

Not only do we guarantee you freshness in this way, but quality is super important to us! We are farmers and we know very well about the agricultural process and inputs, certifications and regulations. We will never send you something that we wouldn't eat ourselves and thats a promise! All of our farms are GAP certified, what that means is that our fruits and vegetables are "globally assured produce" and certified to be exported around the world. This means that the land where things are grown has been monitored down to the last detail to make sure everything is SAFE with minimal use of any kind of non-toxic pesticides or chemicals. Your health is our priority and this is why we only work with the certified farms in Egypt, bringing you only the top quality "Grade A" items picked today and delivered tomorrow.