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Return policy

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What do I do if you don't deliver to my area?

We will be expanding to new areas in the near future. Kindly send us a message through the contact form if you would like your area to be included. 

Where does the produce come from and is it pesticide free?

Our produce comes from selected farmers who grow for export, meaning this produce is grade A and usually never makes it to your grocery store shelves. The majority of our farmers have GAP certification and use minimal pesticides according to European standards and regulations. We also import select items not available in Egypt.

When will my order be delivered?

We deliver every day in Cairo, and every Wednesday in Alexandria. Our order cutoff is 10am the morning before delivery as most items are picked and prepared only when you order them. Our delivery manager will contact you to confirm delivery time and confirm your order and address via WhatsApp.  


How do you ensure freshness?

All local produce is harvested when you order to provide the best and freshest taste. We do not store locally-grown products, meaning fresh fruits and vegetables are not only fresh, but they stay fresher longer than store-bought produce. They are then individually packed and chilled for delivery via our fleet of refrigerated trucks to your door.

Should/can I tip the delivery person?

You are under no obligation to tip our employees. We pay all our colleagues a living wage as we believe that they have the right to live in dignity and not depend on tips to live.